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Sónia Baptista

13 january to 15 january 2022
thu: 9pm; fri: 9pm; sat: 7pm

In Ancient Greece, beautiful and good were considered to be inseparable concepts. The contemplation of beauty was supposed not only to produce wonder and delight, but also to bring the spectator closer to a wish for justice and a desire for higher ideals. But, over time, the cult of beauty has also had its detractors. Beauty, they maintain, is a mere distraction from what really matters. More than beauty, it is ugliness that leads us to transcend the appearance of physical matter and that opens our mind to the truthful and the haunting perception of the sublime.  As if it were a transcendental shock, a creation of the mind, in which terror and pleasure are mixed together.

At the end of the day, we can show the grace of what we have because our disgrace is beautiful for others.
The ugly seems beautiful to those who love it.


A creation by Sónia Baptista, Joana Levi, Josefa Pereira, Gaya Medeiros, Raquel Melgue, Maayan Sophia Weisstub, Cire Ndiaye, Eduardo Raon, Mariana Gomes, Daniel Worm and Lara Torres

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auditorium, museum