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Until Our Hearts Stop

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

27 june to 28 june 2019
Until Our Hearts Stop

In ‘ Until Our Hearts Stop‘, six performers and three musicians meet in a place that can either be a nightclub or an arena: a space of desire and illusion, an unsafe refuge. To the pulsating sound of a jazz trio consisting of Samuel Halscheidt, Marc Lohr and Stefan Rusconi, the six performers seek to stretch the limits of their coexistence and find out how far they can go in their relationships. They pick on one another, abuse each other, play as little children, hug. There is no shame, no limits. Freedom seems absolute.


Choreography: Meg Stuart; Creation: Neil Callaghan, Jared Gradinger, Leyla Postalcioglu, Maria F. Scaroni, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, and Kristof Van Boven

18 € - preço normal (ver descontos)



auditorium, museum