Traverser la nuit

Works From the Antoine de Galbert Collection

12 march to 29 august 2022
MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia
Traverser la nuit

Antoine de Galbert, an amateur collector who enjoys breaking down barriers and creating a dialogue between contemporary and folk arts, and art brut in his collection. A well-known patron of the arts in France, after creating a foundation in his name, he opened La Maison Rouge in 2004, a private arts centre in Paris whose activities shaped the city’s cultural landscape until it closed in 2018. He continues to work through his foundation to promote different forms of contemporary creation, support research into the history of art, help artists and critics to publish their work and enrich museum collections via donations and purchases.

On the occasion of the Portugal-France Season 2022, maat is presenting a broad overview of Antoine de Galbert’s personal collection in Portugal for the first time.

Wendsday to momnday: 11am to 7pm


Curator: Noëlig Le Roux


Avenida de Brasília, Central Tejo 210 028 190

De quarta a segunda, das 10h às 19h