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Akram Khan Company

30 november 2019
Centro Cultural de Belém

Akram Khan draws on the archives of the 20th century and gives voice to the shell-shocked dream of a colonial soldier in the First World War. Xenos reveals the beauty and horror of the human condition in its portrait of an Indian dancer whose skilled body becomes an instrument of war. This story takes place on the border between East and West, past and present, mythology and technology, where humanity still stands in wonder and disarray. Akram is joined on stage by five international musicians: percussionist B C Manjunath, vocalist Aditya Prakash, bass player Nina Harries, violinist Clarice Rarity, and saxophonist Tamar Osborn.


Akram Khan, artistic direction, choreography and performance.

33 € - 1ª plateia
28 € - 2ª plateia
28 € - camarotes centrais