The fine art collector

Sara & André

31 march to 19 june 2022
Galeria Quadrum
The fine art collector

O colecionador de belas-artes [The fine art collector] by Sara & André presents a group of medium-sized paintings, produced during 2021/2022 and employing diverse materials such as enamel, oil, watercolour, graphite, and Indian ink on wood.

Inspired by the series O colecionador de belas-artes, which António Areal presented in 1971 at Galeria São Mamede in Lisbon, the artists have focussed on a variety of private contemporary art collections based in Portugal. The works on display are the result of a two yearlong dialogue between the artists and various collectors with regards to their collections.

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm


Rua Alberto Oliveira, Palácio dos Coruchéus, 52 215 830 010