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I Saw the Kingdom Turn

Art from the time of King Manuel I

25 june to 26 september 2021
Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
I Saw the Kingdom Turn

In 2021, five centuries will have passed since the death of King Manuel I. This King’s relationship with artistic practice was one of the most important in Portuguese history, not only due to the intensity with which he promoted, sponsored and commissioned works of architecture, illuminated manuscripts, painting, sculpture or decorative arts, but also because of the way he used artistic production in his strategy of royal representation and affirmation. The King was responsible for the introduction, in the royal administration, of structures dedicated to the management of his artistic and architectural projects, creating inspectorates and incorporating artists in that system, having them occupy particular positions that included functions of administration, management and diplomacy.

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am- 6 pm


Curatorship: Joaquim O. Caetano, Rosa Bela Azevedo, Rui Loureiro

6 €