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Bernardo Marques

Momentos Inadiáveis / Unpostponable moments

31 january to 31 march 2020
running times vary
São Roque Antiguidades e Galeria de Arte
Bernardo Marques

Organized into thematic clusters and with no chronological concerns, the exhibition showcases about 60 works produced by the great designer Bernardo Marques in different periods of his life (1898-1962).  The exhibition focuses on the most intimate period of the painter’s oeuvre – when he concentrates on urban and rural landscapes and embarks on a unique, solitary journey that stands out for its independence from contemporary trends. The paintings he produced showcase a remarkable sense of chromaticism, but health reasons forced him to avoid the toxicity of paints. So he started Indian ink and graphite, expressing himself predominantly in black and white.  This beautiful set of works demonstrates, once again, the quality, sensitivity and unique contemporaneity of Bernardo Marques’ oeuvre, which, as Sílvia Chicó points out in the exhibition catalog, seems to have been created today.

Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm