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7 Fados, 7 Hills

2 janeiro a 31 dezembro 2020
Lisboa Antiga
7 Fados, 7 Hills

Lisboa Antiga is a new tours and events company that offers several programs focusing on Fado and the city of Lisbon. The ‘7 Fados, 7 Hills’ tour is one of the many experiences offered by Lisboa Antiga. From 4 pm to 6 pm, guests are invited to stroll through some of Lisbon’s most iconic landscapes – Largo do Chiado, Largo Camões, Bairro da Bica, Bairro Alto, São Pedro de Alcântara Lookout – followed by a Fado show in a traditional Fado house in Bairro Alto, accompanied by traditional Portuguese snacks. This is the company’s program for the afternoon, but there are other options for the evening – always combining sightseeing, Fado and food. You can opt for a special dinner in a Fado house, an option that includes tickets to the Fado Museum. But you can also get in touch with Lisboa Antiga and create a Fado experience that suits you.


Largo do Chiado + Older Bookstore in the World + Largo do Camões + Bairro da Bica (Bica Funicular) + Bairro Alto + São Pedro de Alcântara Lookout



Walking Tour (45 minutes/Difficulty Level: Low)
Fado Show | Traditional Fado House in Bairro Alto
Included: Drinks and Portuguese Snacks (Cheese, Bread, Olives, Ham, and Olive Oil)