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Matt Elliott

The Drinking Songs

2 march 2024
sat: 9:30 pm
Matt Elliott

After several years leading the electronic music project Third Eye Foundation, Matt Elliott began his solo career with The Mess We Made (2003), the first work he signed under his own name. Shortly after its release, the British musician and composer moved to Paris, where he has lived ever since. Influenced by this change, Matt Elliott composed Drinking Songs (2005), a melancholic and introspective album, full of references to the French capital.

With an instrumentation composed of piano, violin and accordion arrangements, Drinking Songs quickly became a cult album, capable of transporting whoever listens to its own universe, heavy and dark, narrated by the deep and contemplative voice of Elliott, responsible for guiding us through the songs. In celebration of the 20th birthday, Matt Elliott brings Drinking Songs to Musicbox on March 2, in a concert where he will play the entire album.

The first part of this concert will be performed by Norwegian singer, Krissy Mary.

16,50 €