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The Show Must Go On

Jérôme Bel

16 june to 19 june 2021
wed: 9 pm; thu: 9 pm; fri: 9 pm; sat: 7 pm
The Show Must Go On

In The Show Must Go On, Jérôme Bel dissects the mechanisms of the show, placing on the stage 20 performers, 19 singers and one DJ, who spends his time playing hits from the last few decades. Playing with the conventions of dance and using a minimalist register, Bel places his show radically in the hands of the audience. The show’s magic derives from the fact that the artist gives us time and space to discover beauty and interest in the simplest of proposals for the stage.


Jérôme Bel, concept and direction. With André Araújo, Bárbara Faustino, Carlos Deusodeu, Celise Manuel, Diego Bagagal, Dori Nigro, João dos Santos Martins, Juelce Beija Flor, Karen Sampaio, Marta Jardim, Nelson Gomes, Patrícia Sarmento, Sara Marques, Sara Venâncio, Sérgio Nogueira, Sofia Beça, Teresa Chaves, Thamiris Carvalho, Tó Maia, Zé Bernardino.

16 €



auditorium, museum