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Patxi Andión

The Lobican Hour

21 september 2019
sat: 21h30
Aula Magna
Patxi Andión

There is no better way to celebrate 50 years of career than to seize the occasion not to look back but to move forward into the future. This is precisely the proposal of Patxi Andión, one of the most “Portuguese” Spanish artists ever. Half a century after his debut with the single Canto/La Jacinta, the singer decided to mark the occasion by writing 20 new songs that he divided into two volumes: La Hora Lobican (2018) and Prophecy (to be released this year). On September the 21, Aula Magna welcomes the Spanish artist who sings the past, the present and the future.

20 a 30 €


Aula Magna

Alameda da Universidade 210 113 406