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Manuel Vieira

Border Line

19 june to 29 august 2020
running times vary
Galeria Miguel Nabinho
Manuel Vieira

Border Line is Manuel Vieira’s latest exhibition, in which the artist showcases large-size drawings on wallpaper. These sets of drawings seem to have a discursive and narrative significance in their articulation within the phrase ‘ Border Line‘. In fact, the works are separated by a line that both defines and confines them. The line is everything there. The frame itself – which separates what is inside from what is outside the drawing – is part of the work. The characters, landscapes and objects portrayed in the drawings mutate and converge towards that edge/borderline, and that’s where they find solace. When Manuel Vieira started drawing with crayons, his works were open-ended, without the confinement of a border; at a certain point, however, the artist
began to confine them to make them more legible, presenting
a narrative articulation between the various works.

Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7.45 pm