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10,000 gestures

Boris Charmatz

21 february to 22 february 2020
fri: 21h; sat: 19h
10,000 gestures

10,000 gestures is exactly what the title suggests – a continuous flow of 10,000 unique movements, each one performed only once before disappearing forever. It could have been generated by mathematical algorithms, but in this case, it is delivered artisanally, with the bodies of the performers. Contrary to what one would expect, the explosion of movements does not give rise to a feeling of mechanical acceleration; rather, it comes close to stillness. The experience of seeing 10,000 gestures that are never completed or repeated has a hypnotic effect and invites to meditation. An impressive tribute to dance, the most ephemeral of all art forms.


Choreography: Boris Charmatz; Performers: Djino Alolo Sabin, Salka Ardal Rosengren, Or Avishay, Régis Badel, Jessica Batut, Nadia Beugré, Alina Bilokon, Nuno Bizarro, Matthieu Burner, Dimitri Chamblas, Ashley Chen, Konan Dayot, Olga Dukhovnaya, Sidonie Duret, Bryana Fritz, Julien Gallée-Ferré, Kerem Gelebek, Alexis Hedouin, Rémy Héritier, Tatiana Julien, Samuel Lefeuvre, Johanna-Elisa Lemke, Noé Pellencin, Maud Le Pladec, Solène Wachter, Frank Willens.

18 € - normal



auditorium, museum